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Save time and effort with quick and easy healthcare scheduling and shift management software that helps you optimize staffing.

Schedule Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Empower staff and managers to work together to fill shifts. Share real-time scheduling updates and enable staff to view schedules online, request time off, swap shifts, and more.


Schedule Management (formerly ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler) is a fully mobile, cloud-based scheduling and open shift management application that empowers single units, departments, clinics, facilities, and enterprises to streamline scheduling processes and make more effective, data-driven staffing decisions.

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Collaborative shift management

Fill open shifts with efficiency and collaboration. Communicate needs via text or email. Staff can respond with a single click. Managers approve and instant notifications are sent.

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Access to multiple schedule views

View staffing schedules across facilities, by department, by employee, by hours per patient day, or by day of week. Visual alerts identify overtime and understaffed/overstaffed shifts.

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Smarter overtime management

Proactively manage and reduce overtime with a tool that auto-calculates correct staffing based on defined ratios and enables overtime and hours worked rules for different job types/areas.

Simpler agency scheduling

Better identify and schedule external nurses with Agency Management, a complementary module that helps you add, remove, and maintain agencies quickly and easily, while tracking rates and visualizing spending.


With Schedule Management, you can eliminate hours spent on phone calls and managing schedules, reduce overtime, and empower your staff to collaborate in the scheduling process.

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Inform staffing decisions with analytic insights

Forecast your census and staffing needs with predictive analytics and gain intelligence to reduce overtime and labor costs.

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Empower managers with real-time data

Arm managers with real-time data so they can make effective staffing decisions and proactively manage overtime.

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Improve staff collaboration in scheduling

Enable staff to receive notifications and easily view and manage their schedule from a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Enhance visibility through executive reporting

Keep leaders informed with executive dashboards that offer visibility into departments, shifts, employees, risk areas, and budget impacts.

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Streamline agency nurse scheduling

Open up shifts that can’t immediately be filled by internal resources and notify agencies automatically with our Agency Management module.

How it Works

Transform scheduling enterprise-wide with Schedule Management – a native mobile application that offers 24/7 access to view and proactively manage staffing schedules, informed by real-time analytic insights.

Let us put your staffing data to work for you.

Schedule Management key features:

    • Simple integration with other HR and time and attendance systems such as Kronos, Lawson, ADP, and PeopleSoft
    • Easily configure to support the different shifts and business requirements across the various settings in your organization
    • Templates available to help you quickly build schedules
    • Super View enables you to view and manage staffing system-wide from one screen
    • The NOW screen provides an instant, up-to-the-minute view of staffing situations
    • Send announcements and broadcast open shift needs to qualified staff via text, email, or both
    • Instantly view and respond to staff requests via your mobile device or computer
    • Shout Outs support meaningful recognition displaying birthdays and work anniversaries to managers and those who picked up extra shifts
    • Complementary Agency Management module empowers nurse managers to quickly fill open shifts with desired agency nurses based on agency input and tracked criteria

Real-World Applications

Across healthcare, our customers are managing their workforce to achieve better cost containment, staff engagement, and clinical outcomes.


Patient dynamics and staffing needs change quickly. With Schedule Management, your scheduling decisions will be able to keep up, so your staff and your patients have a better experience.


You want your providers to maximize their time while providing high-quality care. Make decisions that optimize your staffing resources with Schedule Management.


Your staff is valuable, and you need to help them achieve a better work/life balance. Schedule Management enables collaborative scheduling processes that foster staff engagement every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring census data into the scheduling system and flex staff schedules as census fluctuates?

Yes. SMARTFORCE Scheduler has predictive census tools that enable the staffing team to offer nurses more flexibility as census fluctuates. This gives staff more time to accommodate requests for time off and shift trades.

How does this software handle open shift management?

Our scheduling system allows you to send messages regarding an open shift to all qualified staff for that shift at once – turning individual texts and phone calls into a single, quick communication. This easily fills last minute vacancies and call-outs in a streamlined manner, supported by a robust mobile application.

Can this application manage shift swaps?

Yes. Staff can make PTO requests, shift swap requests, and requests to fill an open shift in the mobile version of SMARFTFORCE Scheduler. Plus, the application syncs to personal calendars so staff can easily balance personal and work commitments.

Can this application manage employee communications or is it just for checking schedules?

Mass communications and individual team member communications are supported within SMARTFORCE Scheduler, along with its scheduling capabilities. Managers and staff can communicate via text and email about important notifications, shift requests, open shifts, and more.

Can the system be set up differently for different units or departments?

Yes. SMARTFORCE Scheduler supports the different shifts and business requirements across the various settings in your organization. You control the configurations, which are easy to set up.

Does this software integrate with other time and attendance systems?

Yes. SMARTFORCE Scheduler easily shares data with other HR and time and attendance systems such as Kronos, Lawson, ADP, and PeopleSoft.

Can this scheduling software manage different types of staff and settings?

Yes. SMARTFORCE Scheduler can schedule all types of departments, roles, and locations – including laboratories, pharmacy, radiology, ultrasound, nutrition, emergency, skilled nursing facilities as well as hospitals and health systems, home care, clinics, urgent care, assisted living. Supports full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff.

Can this scheduling software track overtime?

Yes. SMARTFORCE Scheduler proactively identifies overtime in schedules. It auto-calculates the correct staffing based on defined ratios to help ensure you are not under or over-staffed and stop overtime before it happens.


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