Healthcare Time & Attendance Software

Real-time, cloud-based healthcare time and attendance software that simplifies and streamlines attendance data collection, tracking, and reporting.

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Missed time punch alerts, variance reporting, timecard reporting, configurable timecard rules, and more – all delivered in real time, in the cloud.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Attendance simplifies the collection and tracking of staff attendance data. The software leverages the cutting-edge technology that today’s users expect, including geolocation and streamlined pay code management, and is fully integrated with ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Scheduler.

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Accelerated timecard approvals

Improve efficiency and reduce administrative burden by enabling managers to easily review and approve timecards from their tablet, computer, or mobile phone.

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Flexible time capture options

Enhance flexibility and security by capturing time from employee mobile phones with geolocation or via a designated computer. With Inovalon, time clocks are no longer needed, but always supported.

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User alerts and notifications

Prevent staff burnout and service disruptions. Ensure managers and staff stay informed and aligned with alerts and notifications when someone does not punch in, misses a break, or punches out late.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance moves your punch clock to the cloud. Get insight on staff punches, compliance, and trends, and give staff the freedom to punch in and out from a mobile device or computer.

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Flexible and convenient user access

Eliminate queuing at the time clock. Go fully mobile and enable staff to punch in and out from their phones, tablets, or via a desktop computer.

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Streamlined and accelerated timecard closures

Automatically compare time punches with the schedule. Close perfect matches with one click and flag non-matches with warnings or errors.

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Transparency and compliance tracking

Define and track attendance policies, time-keeping rules, contractual commitments, and regulatory requirements. Set alerts to keep everyone informed.

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Real-time views and insightful reporting

Arm managers with real-time data and reporting on staff tardiness, overtime use, and sick calls by individual, unit, department, or across facilities.

How it Works

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance simplifies attendance tracking and reporting with usability, mobility, security, real-time updates, and seamless integration.

Cutting-edge technologies to streamline attendance tracking and reporting.

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Attendance key features:

    • Integration with ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler: See flags on the live schedule when staff have clocked in or missed their shift. Run a variance report to show how actual worked hours differ from scheduled hours.
    • Geo-location with iBeacon technology: More accurate than GPS, iBeacon recognizes a fixed location within a few feet, so you know where employees are when they clock in from their mobile phones or tablets.
    • Auto-code enabled: Streamline pay code management by defining pay codes like holidays or orientation up front. This healthcare time and attendance software then automatically adds these codes based on the schedule.
    • Configurable to your organization’s needs: Includes configurable timecard rules, custom time codes, and allows the construction of organization-specific rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do staff need a separate application to clock in?

No. If staff already have ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler on their device, they can use that to clock in.

How can I trust staff are clocking in from the appropriate location?

The application recognizes a fixed location, with a range of just a few feet, so you can always see where an employee has clocked in.

What happens if a manager changes a shift start time or cancels a shift?

Not a problem. Staff will receive an alert of any schedule changes before they clock in.


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