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Connected Digital Systems

Connected digital ecosystems can deliver consumer-centered experiences that drive value

Imagine an integrated healthcare system where access to medical records in a secure environment is available in real-time for an accurate, consolidated view. Imagine providing consumers proactive tips based on their individual medical history and personal preferences to help them better manage their health. A well-connected digital ecosystem can make all this possible today by leveraging technology to empower consumers to effectively and efficiently manage their health and well-being.

Over the last few decades of growth, we’ve all witnessed healthcare’s evolution – toward patient-centeredness, quality, value, experience, and performance. Pushed forward by convergent trends in technology including interoperability, API adoption, decoupled big data processing and analytics, cloud architectures, real-time capabilities, and machine learning & AI-powered predictive analytics for personalized, data informed, coordinated systems of care are within reach1.  Yet, despite well thought out digital strategies and significant investments in digital transformation, the value and benefits of leveraging a digital foundation to deliver patient-centric, consumer-focused healthcare have yet to be fully realized.

So, what is slowing progress? Participants in today’s healthcare ecosystem often have different goals that makes it more difficult to coordinate care at a reasonable cost or to provide consumers with all the details needed to make informed decisions. To enable alignment across healthcare stakeholders and seamless coordination of care and experiences requires integrating digital pieces into a cohesive connected ecosystem capable of orchestrating and delivering value. Inovalon DataStream® API is a digital ecosystem architected to provide enriched value from patient-specific longitudinal data and insights via purpose-built APIs available in our marketplace.

In Inovalon DataStream® API, the details matter – expansive multi-channel connectivity and multi-sourced data inputs, inclusive of primary-sourced data from 336M unique patients and 62B covered lives, data curation, machine learning and AI-driven advanced analytics, processed and streamed in near real-time are integrated to empower and personalize healthcare including:

    • Enriching point-of-care interactions with clinically relevant longitudinal patient history
    • Complying with CMS/ONC interoperability requirements
    • Identifying gaps in care across quality, risk, and vulnerable populations
    • Enabling effective virtual care management for populations at risk of a negative outcome
    • Streamlining payment and administrative processes
    • Ongoing innovation with healthcare organizations

To learn more about Inovalon DataStream® API and how our digital ecosystem works in action, download our latest white paper “The Digital Transformation of Healthcare for Patient-Centric Outcomes and Value” addressing how digital transformation is driving the healthcare ecosystem of tomorrow.

Download blog post in PDF.


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