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How a mental health provider fortified her revenue cycle with automated claims management

How a mental health provider fortified her revenue cycle with automated claims management

Does the idea of taking insurance feel too daunting to even start? Or, if you already accept insurance, is processing multiple types time-consuming when you consider claims submissions and reworks? The whole process can often seem like too much work for too little reward, especially for smaller practices.

If you’ve faced this challenge, you’re not alone. Many small ambulatory practices struggle with insurance, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We sat down with Nicole Breck, who owns a mental health practice in New York, to discuss how, with help from Inovalon, she overcame billing and claims management barriers to recession-proof her practice by accepting insurance from multiple payers.

Attract more patients by accepting their insurance plans

While the process of accepting insurance and submitting claims to multiple payers can be intimidating, failing to accept insurance can be catastrophic. “I believe strongly in taking insurance,” Breck explained. “In a down market, you want to take insurance. Your patients may not have the budget to pay out of pocket, but many of them will still have insurance coverage for your services.”

So, how can you accommodate patients’ financial situations without spending all of your time submitting claims and reworking denials?

With an average of 32-38 patients scheduled each week, Breck cannot afford to spend a lot of time on billing. She chose myABILITY because it helps her save time and frustration.

Instead of logging in and out of multiple payer portals, she can access all of her payers in one place. “The time savings alone is worth the price,” she said, “Yes, all of those payers have free portals, but it’s impossible to keep up with all of them and chase them all down. The cost to my time is just too high. myABILITY pays for itself by giving me back my time.”

Achieve revenue cycle success with automated claims management

With Inovalon, Breck has successfully recession-proofed her practice. In good and bad economic times, she continues to have a full schedule and can help more patients who need her but may not have the cash available for therapy.

Read the whole case study to discover how Inovalon helped Breck streamline claims management and automate claims submissions.

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