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How a psychotherapist serves more patients and gets paid faster with automated claims management

Small-practice healthcare providers and staff wear many hats. That’s especially true with single-provider practices, in which clinicians often find themselves attending to patients in the morning, working on scheduling in the afternoon and processing claims after hours. It’s a lot to deal with!

Recently, psychotherapist Joan Fox shared some of her revenue cycle struggles with us – and how she made more time for herself and her patients with help from Inovalon.

Fox had been manually processing 15 claims per week, which may not seem like an issue. But because she was submitting each claim by hand, there were often mistakes and inaccuracies in her submissions, which resulted in a frustratingly high number of denials and claims that needed to be reworked. Her claims submission challenges were negatively impacting her revenue flow.

To accommodate her schedule, serve her patients and accelerate reimbursements, Fox needed to free up time and streamline her claims management workflows.

Making more time for patients with automated claims management

“The best thing about myABILITY,” Fox told us, “is I can submit all of my claims for all of my payers in one place.” With automated batch claims submissions, the therapist knows that she’s submitting accurate claims to the right payers, the first time and every time.

As a result, Fox has enjoyed more time for her patients, more free time outside of her office hours and faster reimbursements from her payers. To find out more, check out her full story: Psychotherapist Serves More Patients, Speeds Reimbursements with Automated Claims Management.

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