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How a SaaS-based scheduling system can help overcome the healthcare staffing crisis

Caregiver shortages and high turnover rates are growing concerns across the country. At the center of the looming crisis, healthcare organizations do not have the luxury of taking a wait-and-see approach to addressing the issue. In spite of having a workforce and a bottom line that have been battered by the burdens of the pandemic, healthcare leaders must quickly develop staffing strategies that alleviate the effects of an increasingly alarming shortage of nurses and direct care workers.

Determining the best course of action to take can seem daunting when your organization has a tight budget and limited resources but needs to see results quickly.

These circumstances call for Schedule Management, a powerful staff scheduling application built on a SaaS delivery platform. Here are the system criteria that enable our scheduling application to deliver value quickly, effectively and affordably:

  • Fast deployment In today’s environment, your health system cannot afford to spend months or even years working on a system rollout. With an implementation time averaging just two weeks, your health system can quickly overcome staff scheduling challenges.

  • Low cost With no need for an investment in expensive hardware, your initial costs and cost of ownership are low. This is an investment that delivers a positive impact without a heavy toll on your time and resources.
  • Easy maintenance We maintain the system for you, eliminating maintenance demands, human resource requirements and overhead costs for your organization.

  • Cost savings The technology enables you to optimize your staff across the enterprise, ensuring all employees are working up to their commitments. By containing overtime and agency costs, your investment quickly pays for itself.

As the population ages and care demands increase, the need for bedside nurses and direct care workers will continue to grow. Already, healthcare organizations are struggling with position vacancies and schedule gaps. At the same time, budgets are tight and resources are limited, making it difficult to take action to address the staffing crisis.

The workforce challenges for healthcare organizations grow in complexity, and ABILITY continues to deliver scheduling technology that supports the innovative staffing initiatives your organization needs. These build a vibrant, healthy, empowered workforce while also managing overtime and turnover costs.

To learn more about practical strategies for leveraging technology to protect the stability of your workforce and build organizational resilience, check out our new eBook, The High Cost of Doing Nothing: Why Ineffective Scheduling Methods Must Be Overcome Now.

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By Inovalon