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How cumbersome RCM processes are hurting your employee morale

How cumbersome RCM processes are hurting your employee morale

Across the healthcare industry, RCM employees are drowning in repetitive tasks. They’re frustrated by being stuck with a mix of outdated manual workflows and processes. Over and over, I’ve seen billing staff with the same challenges: Due to legacy software solutions, they’re constantly forced to log in and out of different portals as they enter and re-enter data by hand.

The impact of outdated RCM workflows

In a study last year, employees reported spending about five hours each week hunting for fragmented information across a sea of applications.1 As a result, mistakes are nearly unavoidable, resulting in increased claims denials and the need for more resubmissions – which in turn results in even more work for already overburdened billing staff. All of these redundant administrative processes lead to deflation of the employee experience, which then leads to more employee turnover, as RCM staff seek more fulfilling work. You could say that the Great Resignation is fueled by the Great Deflation.

Fortunately, it’s not a lost cause. We can turn the tide of monotony by automating workflows and leveraging technology to simplify complex RCM processes into a single application. By eliminating redundancies and automating manual processes, we can effectively remove the human error factor from claims submission workflows. This not only contributes to improved employee morale, but it also frees up billing staff to focus on tasks that have a greater positive impact on your bottom line.

Simplify RCM processes with Inovalon

With an application like ABILITY EASE All-Payer, practices can increase their clean claims rate to 99% or higher.2 At the same time, with batch submissions and automated workflows, RCM staff get a break from manual data entry. Plus, this user-friendly software offers a centralized application for all of payers, eliminating the need to log in and out of multiple payer portals every day.

When we empower our RCM staff to streamline their billing and claims management processes with customizable dashboards, automated batch submissions and streamlined claims management processes, we can improve employee morale while decreasing days in A/R. It’s a win-win.

The right technology helps healthcare organizations simplify complex RCM processes by decreasing denials, integrating eligibility checks and automating claims resolution. To find out how Inovalon can help you improve employee morale and accelerate revenue capture, request a demo.


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Kem Tolliver, President, Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists