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Pharmacist sitting at a desk using pharmacy software

How pharmacy software solutions enhance operational efficiency and patient outcomes

Pharmacies face many complications without software to help them streamline data collection. On top of that, duplicate data entry often slows down workflows and opens the door for errors to creep into patient records. Without the right pharmacy software to facilitate tracking and maintaining patient records, a pharmacy can’t automate manual processes nor collate disparate data.

Pharmacy software helps address several common challenges, including:

    • Lack of electronic prescription delivery
    • No access to relevant drug databases
    • Manual reporting and billing
    • Labored inventory management
    • Limited performance reporting
    • Tracking alerts about prescription readiness or refill requests

Any of these issues can be time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone, but together, they can lead to an administrative bottleneck. Fortunately, this can be eliminated easily by a quality SaaS-based solution.

The importance of pharmacy software

Pharmacy software optimizes routine processes, improves workflow, and enhances digital documentation. Streamlining these functions also helps create a positive patient experience by tracking delivery of medications to patients while supporting inventory management.

Pharmacy software benefits pharmacies large and small, assisting them in enhancing customer relationships by meeting expectations more clearly and accurately. It can also improve the ability to communicate with patients as they navigate the process of submitting and receiving their prescriptions. The technology streamlines various routine operations within any pharmacy environment, automating inventory control, determining drug availability, and allows for the electronic management of medication distribution.

Additionally, pharmacy software enhances pharmacy efficiency, enabling e-scripts, tracking patient data and records, generating reminders, and facilitating payments.

Automating challenging processes

One in four medical records contain an error in last name, first name, date of birth, or gender.1 Additionally, patient support services driven by technology have contributed to a 34% reduction in time to therapy.2

Pharmacy software reduces administrative task management and ensures all patient info is complete and accurate — automating the patient intake process and improving the experience for both patients and staff.

Improved customer experience

Another benefit of pharmacy software is the automation of prescription management, which decreases redundant manual tasks and nearly eliminates the risk of human error. Pharmacy software can help move a paper-based pharmacy to one where countless process frictions are completely eliminated or made more efficient.

Improving the pharmacy’s workflow process, from tracking prescriptions through refill and processing to disseminating information to payers and caregivers, can also eliminate common hurdles in a pharmacist’s day-to-day.

Discover industry-leading pharmacy software: Inovalon ScriptMed Specialty®

ScriptMed® Specialty, powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform, provides cost efficiencies, real-time data connectivity, and advanced analytics to optimize your specialty pharmacy operations.

It helps track medication usage and dispensary delivery, as well as provider interactions with the pharmacy. Further, it can collate patient data and create patient profiles, and allow for the review of patient utilization and visit frequency.

This can help lower your operational costs, improve patient outcomes and adherence, and eliminate administrative redundancies.

ScriptMed Specialty lets you focus on the holistic needs of patients with complex health conditions, high-cost medication therapies, and the clinicians caring for them. Even better? It does what other applications can’t by delivering:

    1. A single, end-to-end solution, from receipt to delivery (no more jumping between systems to gather all the necessary data)
    2. The ability to create configurable workflows (you can make it your own, and the workflows can be persona-based, meaning that information goes to the right person at the right time)
    3. Real-time access to the healthcare industry’s largest primary source dataset
    4. A fully cloud-based infrastructure (reliable, secure, and always on)

The solution also helps you reach your patients, so they can make informed decisions about their care through clinically-relevant outreach and education.

Improve your specialty pharmacy’s operations with Inovalon

ScriptMed Specialty drives operational efficiency, lowers overall cost to serve, and improves patient outcomes.

Our pharmacy software facilitates reporting and streamlines prior authorizations, eliminating needless delay and delivering a better patient experience in the process.

Discover the value of the Inovalon Pharmacy Cloud.


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