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Mobile readiness is a must-have for scheduling software

In an environment where the expectation is quickly becoming anytime, anywhere access to data, the need for mobility in staff scheduling has never been greater.

For starters, consider the prevalence of smartphone usage: More than 80% of Americans own a smartphone, and they aren’t using it solely to make calls or send text messages. In fact, increasingly people are using their phones as their only means to go online. The World Advertising Research Center (WARC) estimates that globally 51% of people access the internet only via their smartphone. By 2025, the organization expects that number to rise to more than 72%.

In healthcare settings, where nurses typically aren’t seated in front of a computer, communication about schedule changes via smartphone is rapidly becoming the norm. We’ve reached the tipping point where scheduling must be mobile-ready to ensure fast and easy shift management and communication with staff.

When your scheduling software isn’t available as a mobile app, a free mobile option isn’t available with your workforce management solution, or your app simply isn’t that good, you also miss out on these important benefits that you get with ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Scheduler:


Broad visibility and intelligence

With a few taps on any device, you and staff can see real-time schedule data across your organization. For example, in the event a staff member calls off, you could in minutes ascertain not only who is available, but who could cover the shift without racking up overtime.

Plus, you can do that regardless of where you and your staff are located, whether that’s when you are running errands or at the bedside of a patient. That type of visibility is critical for making informed decisions to prevent staffing shortages that could impact patient care.


Simplified communication

With a mobile application, you take the guesswork out of connecting with your staff. You don’t have to call or text multiple people, potentially at multiple numbers, to notify your team of schedule changes or shift needs. You simply send one push notification through Schedule Management and everyone receives it at the same time.

The mobile application also enables staff to request time off, volunteer for shifts, swap shifts, or make recommendations for covering the shifts. The collaboration eases leaders’ burden and empowers staff to be part of the solution, which is outstanding for morale. A process that might have taken hours can be reduced to minutes, and you don’t have to worry about communications being missed or overlooked.


Data for prevention

As the old adage goes, the best offense is a good defense. The predictive analytics available through Schedule Management enables you to use data from the past to forecast your future needs and staff more smartly. With features such as our quick-look staffing grid, you can better manage staff-to-patient ratios and prevent under- and over-staffing. And with the Overtime Dollars and Avoidable Overtime reports you can pinpoint costly inefficiencies and reduce your labor costs.


It’s time to go mobile

Not all scheduling software is created equal. For more efficient, accurate, and collaborative scheduling, it must meet the mobile needs of you and your staff.

Plus, add-ons bring even more flexibility and efficiency. Add Attendance Management to enable contactless time capture and enable staff to clock in from their personal phones using geo-location to confirm they’re on site. And approve timecards and track punches from your own device and receive real-time alerts for missed or late punches. Along with our top-rated mobile scheduling and attendance applications, add Credential Management so you and your staff can organize licenses, certifications, and in-services in one secure, intuitive dashboard.

To see the top mobile scheduling app Schedule Management in action, request a demo now.

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