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Core Principles to Achieve Digital Transformation

Recently, I introduced the concept of digital transformation. I talked about how technology literally transforms you, the consumer, in various industries like retail, travel, and now healthcare.

It is important to understand the core principles that make digital transformation meaningful and impactful:

    • Capabilities & Resources
    • Patient Centricity
    • Agile Technology and Cloud Infrastructure
    • Data Security and Encryption
    • Value

As the Senior Director of Product Management, I apply these core principles to the DataStream API Marketplace™ to create instant customer value and innovation.

Capabilities & Resources

The first principle is clearly knowing your capabilities and resources. For the Inovalon experience, our biggest resource is our vast data assets. We have data from 150+ payers, 76,000 providers and a host of other sources such as life sciences and pharma, with a total patient repository of more than 338 million and 107M+ active lives acquired in just 12 months. This is incomparable to most others in the industry.

However, it’s not just the amount of data we have, but the uniqueness of our data. We have primary sourced data and large connectivity across providers and EHR systems. Not to mention, our recent partnerships with Carequality and CommonWell are truly differentiated resources that we have. Beyond data is the derived dataset from our analytical insights that are classified as resources too. The power of Inovalon data is unmatched, unique, and truly differentiated.

Patient Centricity

Patient centricity is a healthcare challenge that we can solve. API outputs that can be provided should center around the patient’s needs—whether it’s allergies, diagnoses, labs, medication for ambulatory systems, all patient history for electronic health records (EHRs), or filling in a blank page for a patient on a new telehealth platform. The API products hosted on DataStream API Marketplace™ can solve any of these needs, and the beauty of it is, we do not have to create a separate API for each use case. This is because of the power of FHIR – fast healthcare interoperability resources.

Agile Technology and Cloud Infrastructure

It is a must to have an Agile and Cloud infrastructure that enables data assets to be shared quickly, securely, and streamlined. The architecture diagram below shows the complex data assets at Inovalon arranged in a simplified cloud infrastructure and architecture that enables DataStream APIs to stream in real-time.

Data Process

Data Security and Encryption

Even though it’s fourth on the list, the most important principle is data security. It translates to your trust in a digital device and its ability to securely guard your data as you interact with it. At Inovalon, we take data security seriously and fully understanding that we are in the business of streaming data when and where it is needed. There are multiple protocols and security checks that are performed to ensure data is managed responsibly.


The final core principle is value. This is basically why DataStream API Marketplace™ exists as a concept. The consumer, which is the patient and the end-user or maybe a provider or a payer, can find value from that API. Take a look at this real-world use case:

56 Year Old Woman

    • 56-year-old female
    • Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
    • Initiated treatment with Tecfidera
    • Presented complaints of weakness and disorientation to her telehealth provider


FHIR-Enabled Patient Data Enrichment

FHIR-Enabled Patient Data Enrichment

This is the power of APIs and the concept of DataStream API Marketplace™ —making a real-life impact and healthcare better. If this simple use case is powerful enough, think of what else we can solve.

Let’s work together to transform healthcare digitally. Contact us today for more information about Inovalon’s solutions.

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