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Customer Experience Day Is Every Day at Inovalon

Customer Experience Day Is Every Day at Inovalon

By Ryan Davidsen, SVP of Client Success & Pre-Sales Engineering

Today is CX Day (customer experience)—a day that celebrates the professionals and companies that make great customer experience happen. In a business like ours—one where the work we do every day directly impacts not only our clients but also the healthcare of millions of patients—customer experience is not something we can focus on just for a day. It’s at the core of everything we do, and it drives everything from business development to product delivery.  CX Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the work that goes into a great customer experience, and it is special to me and to the thousands of professionals who are committed to building organizations that respect the experiences of others in our work.

I joined Inovalon earlier this year to lead the Company’s Customer Success teams. Every member of the team plays a role in providing direct service and support to our customers and understands the importance of experience in ensuring we go beyond the basics to support an experience that ultimately drives better outcomes. Providing that kind of experience is so much more than simply being polite when someone calls with a question. It means we’ve done the work to anticipate the questions before they have been asked. It means data, process, structure and initiatives are all designed in support of an exceptional experience.

Customer Experience Is More than Just Good Business

Customer experience has emerged in recent years as a key component of a successful corporate business strategy. Traditional methods of service and support are waning, tolerance for poor experience is low, and, as the barriers to switching service providers have been lowered in the digital economy, the pressure for the desired outcome has never been higher. Therefore, it’s not surprising that 91% of customers say they will leave a brand over even a single bad experience. By any measure the experience matters, but improving CX is so much more than just a retention strategy. Placing the customer experience at the forefront of everything a company does simply provides better outcomes, and I can’t think of an industry where this rings more true, than in healthcare.

Customer Experience for Better Outcomes

I recently embarked on a personal wellness journey beginning with my primary care physician (PCP). I didn’t have any diagnosed conditions but wanted a complete picture of my health and a plan to ensure that I adopted a lifestyle that would help me be the healthiest version of myself. The experience with my PCP wasn’t optimal.  Scheduling and organizing a comprehensive wellness program was time consuming, labor intensive and ultimately didn’t result in anything meaningful. It involved coordinating and meeting with a multitude of disconnected care providers who didn’t share information or collective goals centered around my total health.

By contrast, I found a wellness clinic that took a different approach. I spoke with a coordinator at length about goals and medical history and in the end had a single day scheduled where I met with at least a dozen (I lost count) care providers who did everything at once: labs, CT scans, stress test, ENT, vision, hearing, metabolic function, nutrition, dermatology, fitness, and more! It was an exhausting day, but before I left, I had all test results, a thorough consultation and a documented plan. There wasn’t a minute of that day where I wasn’t treated like a VIP and the end-to-end experience was entirely cohesive. The impact that day made on my overall health can’t be overstated. Like anything in healthcare, much of the results depended on my commitment to follow through with meaningful changes but that work began with an exceptional and personalized experience that inspired me to follow through.  While the actual care provided didn’t differ much from my previous approach, the way in which it was provided at the second clinic mattered. In short, experience can make all the difference in successful outcomes.

The Importance of Customer Experience at Inovalon

Designing products and solutions that address the needs of your clients requires continuous innovation, such as leveraging artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes. From top to bottom, every team at Inovalon is passionately aligned around building great experiences for our customers and the people they serve. We have made significant investments in improving the customer experience this year. When we say that data has a story to tell, and we give it a voice, we’re not just talking about the data that empowers health plans, care providers, life sciences organizations and pharmacies. We’re also talking about the data related to overall experience and what we can do to continually optimize solutions, the products and how we support them. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience, tell us.  There is an entire company committed to responding to your feedback.

So this CX Day, let’s celebrate all of the individuals who prioritize experience in pursuit of better outcomes. There is truly no substitute for a great experience. Happy CX day everyone!

Ryan Davidsen, SVP of Client Success & Pre-Sales Engineering