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Inovalon Announces Converged Provider Enablement

Inovalon Announces Converged Provider Enablement

A SaaS Solution that Aligns Disparate Quality, Risk, and Custom Value-Based Initiatives Across Multiple Provider Points of Care

BOWIE, Md. – March 7, 2023Inovalon, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions empowering data-driven healthcare, today launched a new release of Converged Provider Enablement. The latest version of this cloud-based SaaS product empowers health plans, “payviders”, and other value-based healthcare organizations to coordinate complex and disparate combinations of both industry standard quality and risk goals, as well as highly customized initiatives, across large provider systems at the point of care. Healthcare organizations can now translate their multiple goals into information and guidance for the individual provider at the patient-specific level, enabling the provider with insight at the point of care, while also providing the healthcare organization system-wide performance transparency.

Health plans, “payviders”, and other value-based healthcare organizations have many goals that they work arduously to achieve. These include high quality scores, strong risk score accuracy, and countless organization-specific ambitions around matters such as surgical outcomes, cancer screening, or vaccine adherence. Some of these initiatives are driven by federal programs, while others are state-specific, or even the result of localized hospital system value-based care agreements. The result can be a seeming cacophony of overlapping initiatives that can leave individual providers at a loss when seeing a series of widely differing patients. Ultimately, providers can begin to disregard and disengage with healthcare organization initiatives, while healthcare organizations can feel that they have no way to translate the multitude of initiatives to their many provider points of care, let alone gain accurate insight into ongoing performance, or how to hone programs and incentives.

Converged Provider Enablement was designed to address these many challenges by allowing for countless standard federal and state-level quality and risk score initiatives, as well as fully customized goals, to be integrated and coordinated into a single cloud-based SaaS solution so that healthcare organizations can achieve one management solution, while each provider concurrently gains insight into precisely the patient in front of them at the point of care. This gained alignment allows the healthcare organizations to implement multiple concurrent programs that may differ across the country, state, or town – translating the differing initiatives into one set of patient-specific insights and goals which updates in real-time as data updates across sometimes vast provider networks. The result is greater effectiveness of healthcare organization improvement initiatives, greater transparency into program status and performance, lower program administrative costs, smoother alignment with providers, and better outcomes for patients.

“Harmonizing quality measures, risk score accuracy analytics, and customized goals with patient-specific data into a single view gives health plans and their providers incredibly valuable, aligned, and transparent insight,” said Craig Savage, President and General Manager of Inovalon’s Payer business. “The Converged Provider Enablement solution brings to life higher-quality care for the patient, improved efficiency and economics for the health plan, and easier ability and greater clarity on how to achieve outcomes incentives for the provider.”

Converged Provider Enablement is fully interoperable with Inovalon’s cloud-based Converged Suite, a set of integrated, pure SaaS offerings that simplify implementation, shorten the time to program impact, and avoid the need and cost of additional disparate data integrations, data security auditing processes, vendor management, and operational reporting.

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Sr. Manager, Communications, Inovalon