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October 29, 2013

Inovalon’s Client Partnerships Show CMS Star Ratings Increase 173% Higher than National Average

Leading Healthcare Technology Company Star Improvement Solution Supports Significant Quality Outcomes Improvement

BOWIE, Md. – October 29, 2013 – Inovalon, Inc., a leading provider of data-driven healthcare solutions, today announced that clients utilizing its quality outcomes improvement solution, Star Advantage®, realized an increase in their Star Quality Ratings that was 173% greater than the national average of all Medicare Advantage health plans as released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Star Quality Ratings data on October 21, 2013.

The national Star Rating performance program instituted by CMS measures and reports on a wide range of clinical and quality outcomes pertaining to members and health plans across the United States. Focusing on quality measures that assess matters ranging from diabetes management and medication compliance, to member satisfaction and cancer screening, the results of the CMS Star Rating program drive more than $4 billion in quality bonuses designed to incentivize leading performance within the healthcare community. An analysis of data released by CMS on October 21st reveals that the average Medicare Advantage health plan 2014 Star Rating increased by 5.29% when compared to the preceding year on an enrollment-weighted basis (2014 Star Ratings reflect measurement and reporting undertaken in 2013 regarding actual clinical activities during 2012). During the same period, the average health plan engaged with Inovalon’s Star Advantage clinical and quality outcomes improvement solution realized a Star Rating performance increase of 14.5%, nearly three times the national increase.

Inovalon’s Star Advantage solution provides health plans with the ability to better understand and meaningfully improve their Health and Human Services/CMS Star Quality Ratings by leveraging the nation’s most widely used healthcare quality measurement system, large-scale healthcare data analytics, and a nationwide clinical operations infrastructure designed to provide highly sophisticated quality gap closure capabilities and dynamically updated insight into clinical quality outcomes. Star Advantage leverages advanced predictive analytics informed by Inovalon’s Medical Outcomes for Research on Economics and Effectiveness registry (MORE2 Registry®), a dynamically updated, de-identified dataset of more than 7.5 billion medical events which empowers current understandings and improvements in healthcare trends pertaining to both care management and quality outcomes. Armed with these data insights, Star Advantage brings to bear the right intervention with the right content, at the right time and in the right venue, for the right member, leveraging data and analytics to achieve highly resource-efficient improvements in quality across large and small populations.

“In today’s complex and ever-changing healthcare landscape, health plans must continually innovate and effectively utilize an abundance of healthcare data to analytically drive higher levels of quality improvement performance in CMS Star Ratings and Quality Accreditation Statuses,” said Keith R. Dunleavy, MD, President and CEO of Inovalon. “Together we are using data to drive meaningful changes in healthcare – bringing improvements to all members of the healthcare community. Star Advantage is an extremely sophisticated combination of analytics and coordinated intervention infrastructure which has taken years to develop. We are extremely proud of its results and the positive impact that Inovalon and its partners are bringing to members, providers, and health plans across the country.”

About Inovalon, Inc.

Inovalon, Inc. is a leading technology-enabled healthcare solutions provider focused on the importance of healthcare data and its ability to drive dramatic, objective improvement in clinical and quality outcomes, care management and financial performance throughout the healthcare community. Proprietary healthcare datasets, aggregation and analysis capabilities, combined with a national infrastructure of leading-edge technology, clinical prowess and deep human resources, empower Inovalon’s advanced generation of healthcare assessment and improvement through highly informed solutions. Driven by data, Inovalon uniquely identifies gaps in care, quality, data integrity and financial performance—while also bringing to bear the resources to resolve them. This differentiating combination provides a powerful capability suite, touching more than 540,000 physicians, 220,000 clinical facilities and more than 120 million Americans, driving high value impact and improving the quality and economics for health plans, hospitals, physicians, patients and researchers. Please visit for more information.


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