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Partner with our research and analysis experts to answer the complex healthcare questions of today for a better tomorrow.

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The largest set of longitudinally linkable primary source data, coupled with interdisciplinary, cross-sector healthcare experience to inform effective strategies.


Inovalon Data Solutions combines relevant, secure health data and decades of collective experience to accelerate your healthcare research, analytics, and strategic initiatives. Our services help industry leaders expand their knowledge and make deeply informed decisions to improve healthcare outcomes and economics.

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Real-World Data-Driven Insights

Deliver effective evidence strategy across various focus areas, applying data from Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans in partnership with our award-winning statistical and data experts.

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Comparative Effectiveness and Outcomes Research

With our industry expertise and rich, applicable data, we are in unique position to answer your toughest questions via methods such as predictive and multivariate modeling, treatment pattern analyses, and more.

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Value Assessment and Strategy

Use advanced analytics leveraging integration and utilization evidence to measure quality and performance, demonstrating higher quality care and lower costs in stakeholder-centric value propositions.


Unique Patients


Medical Events




Clinical Facilities


Use real-world data to uncover reliable, actionable insights to make better-informed decisions.

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Gain Visibility to the Entire Patient Journey

Supplement your data to understand the patient journey for a longer period across payer types, and conduct time-to-event analysis using exact service dates.

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Identify Disparities and Improve Health Equity

Understand the impact of social determinants of health (SDOH) on health utilization and outcomes in specific populations to drive better health equity.

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Demonstrate Evidence-Based Results

Interpret real-world data, focusing on detailed health economic insights, to identify burden of illness, understand care gaps, and create value-based benefits.

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Stay Ahead of the Quality Curve

Calculate existing and develop new quality measures with relevant benchmarks to build a comprehensive action plan for quality and performance measures.

How it Works

In partnership with our customers, we conduct relevant data analyses to determine strategies to improve healthcare outcomes and economics.

Infuse secure, applicable data with expert insights.

Inovalon’s robust proprietary healthcare data asset – the MORE2 Registry® – leverages information from 72 billion medical events and 361 million unique patients across commercial, fee-for-service Medicare (100%), Medicare Part D (100%), Medicare Advantage, and Managed Medicaid populations.

Our team offers deep subject-matter expertise with varied perspectives spanning economics, actuarial science, policy, market access and reimbursement, payment and delivery, and value-based care. Our award-winning statistical and data experts have demonstrated leadership in rigorous study design, close client collaboration, and a strong track record for impactful analyses. There are several ways we help businesses:

    • Firstly, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers rely on our research to support discussions with payers, providers, regulators, and policymakers to advance data-driven decisions that improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.
    • Additionally, there are various healthcare organizations counting on our statistical techniques and benchmarking to support product commercialization.
    • Lastly, our predictive modeling helps determine how health reforms and payment policies impact business financials.

Empowered by detailed insights and expert interpretation, together, we can drive better health outcomes and economics.

Research & Publications

Access peer-reviewed articles and publications from our data experts and customers who are utilizing Inovalon data to change healthcare.

Real-World Insights

Inovalon Data Cloud Products

Drive better health outcomes and economics, informed by diverse, longitudinally linkable data.


Improve the patient experience and care coordination with comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

Real-World Data

Accelerate research and improve healthcare outcomes with longitudinally linkable, deidentified data.

Data Solutions

Partner with our research and analysis experts to answer the complex healthcare questions of today for a better tomorrow.

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SDOH Market Insights

Identify and address social determinants of health (SDOH) to drive better access, higher engagement, improved outcomes, lower costs, and equitable healthcare.

Health Equity Index Dashboard

Data analytics to help Medicare Advantage plans understand their performance on the new CMS Health Equity Index.


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Explore case studies, white papers, webinars, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more to realize the power of applied, relevant healthcare data.

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