Converged Risk Analytics

Redefining the market with an integrated analytics solution to empower all your quality and risk initiatives with one comprehensive member view.

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More than 100 health plans rely on Inovalon to deliver over 80% of the nation’s clinical quality analytics.


Inovalon Converged Risk Analytics is the industry’s first and only fully integrated, compliant, member-centric software as a service (SaaS) analytics solution that both improves quality of care for members and supports risk score accuracy for health plans.

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Certified Quality Measurement

Fulfill all your quality measurement and reporting requirements along with forecasting and benchmarking to drive HEDIS® score improvement.

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Predictive Risk Adjustment and Intervention Planning Analytics

Create your own cohorts and run predictive gap identification and intervention planning analytics on demand.

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Member and Provider Engagement

Implement proven education and multi-channel intervention strategies to improve quality measure compliance and documentation.


Reduce administrative burden while improving insight into member-specific gaps in care and documentation. Our HITRUST certified solution enables comprehensive care encounters with a robust member view that spans quality and risk needs.

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Unparalleled Data Access

Gain a holistic view of your member population with quality and risk analytics informed by the nation’s largest primary source, longitudinally linkable healthcare dataset.

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Innovative Technology Infrastructure

Improve data access and intelligence across your quality and risk initiatives with one single, automated data feed for all programs on one platform.

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Proven Customer Experience and Stability

Inovalon supports quality programs for 100+ health plans and has more than 15 years of risk adjustment experience across all markets.

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Robust Toolsets and Dynamic Reporting

Arm your team for success with enterprise, program, and custom analytics and data intelligence on performance trends and tailored improvement strategies.

How it Works

Converged Risk Analytics delivers an integrated suite of tools that standardize and automate manual processes to get comprehensive member insights into your hands faster with improved reliability, efficiency, and performance.

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Converged Risk Analytics - How HEDIS software solution works

A single data feed to inform your quality and risk program efforts.

Health plans often have separate analytical systems to measure the care quality and risk profile of their membership. These systems independently generate a set of intervention activities, that when executed, can lead to unnecessary spend and member abrasion through multiple outreach campaigns. The result is lower clinical quality, less accurate risk scores, and lower member satisfaction.

Converged Risk Analytics allows health plans and partners to identify and predict care needs for members at an individual, cohort, or plan level using proprietary clinical quality, risk score accuracy, and social determinants of health algorithms.

Advanced analytics leverage underlying clinical evidence and statistical measures to construct a member-centric outreach plan to engage members with interventions and their care providers to document and address personalized care needs.

Armed with a comprehensive view of each patient and their unique care needs, health plans can act earlier to improve member health outcomes, reflect an industry-leading compliance posture, and support delivery of appropriate care.


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