Inovalon ValueCompass™

Achieve value-based objectives with shared insights into patient care quality, program performance, utilization metrics, and disease burden documentation.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Industry-leading value-based care data visualization application, powered by the analytics platform that delivers 80% of the nation’s clinical quality metrics.


Inovalon ValueCompass™ enables payers and providers to effectively manage value-based care programs via transparency into measure performance and patient gaps in care on a prospective basis. Powered by detailed insights, payers and providers can achieve better quality outcomes, reduce costs, and improve economics.

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Intuitive and Insightful Data Visualization and Reporting

Leverage an intuitive interface to understand value-based program performance at the patient and measure levels and engage providers to close gaps in care.

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Streamlined Management and Oversight

Reduce manual errors and administrative costs with self-service tools to configure patient attribution and provider hierarchy settings, as well as certify-before-publish features.

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Accelerated Reporting Implementation

Rapidly deliver quality performance metrics to provider partners via easy data integration, accurate analytics, and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.


of Clinical & Quality Outcomes Measurement Analytics in U.S.


Unique Patients with Transparent Provider Metrics in the Tool


Reduce the complexity of managing value-based contracts and other performance programs with a solution that delivers direct, up-to-date performance data and actionable patient insights.

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Improve Transparency and Gain Alignment

Align payer and provider partners with transparency into value-based care metrics, enabling greater quality outcomes, reduced costs, and improved economics.

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Accelerate Healthcare's Shift From Volume to Value

Value-based care has created a significant, immediate need for data that drives meaningful improvements in patient care and quality outcomes.

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Close Gaps Across Quality, Risk & Population Health

Access detailed, actionable lists of patients and their clinical gaps to drive patient outreach programs.

How it Works

Improve patient care through data-driven action. Access the next level of healthcare data integration, analytics, and intelligence to empower value-based program success.

Real-time connectivity for industry-leading data integration and analytics.

Data-driven analytics play an integral role in supporting payers and providers to succeed under value-based models. Payers and providers need advanced analytics that bring together data from multiple sources to provide timely, comprehensive insights into patient gaps in care.

By implementing advanced technology to combine, curate, and analyze data to determine meaningful action, administrative burden can be reduced and transparency can be enhanced – resulting in measurable impact and success for payers and providers.

Comprehensive Datasets to Support Value-Based Care Reporting

Inovalon ValueCompass allows for highly flexible, tailored encounters informed by dynamic, user-friendly dashboards. Payers can deliver online access for healthcare systems to enable transparency into contract performance and improved quality outcomes. Payers also use this solution for tracking quality and risk adjustment measure scores, which will ultimately impact financial payments by CMS and other state health agencies.

Engage Providers and Enable Action with Performance Reports

Providers have access to an integrated platform to receive information on gaps in care from multiple payers (effectively replacing a myriad of delivery channels and formats from various payers). Providers are equipped with concise and actionable patient-specific care information. This ensures timely reporting of gaps in care information.


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