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DataStream API Marketplace™

Real-time comprehensive patient-specific data and analytical insights to empower your healthcare applications


API Marketplace


Secure, inbound calls made to APIs in the Inovalon DataStream API Marketplace™ access and receive an extensive range of sought after longitudinally linked claim and clinical records, historical look-back periods, and analytic insight unseen in the marketplace today. Available data pertaining to a specified patient is aggregated from Inovalon’s massive longitudinally linked data sets, connected partners, decision support platforms, EHRs, HIEs, and a myriad of other platforms in seconds, delivering data-driven insights that reveal care management opportunities, facilitate operational efficiency, and improve economics across the healthcare ecosystem.

Diverse, high-quality data sources contribute to comprehensive, longitudinally linked patient profiles

Inform your or your consumer’s decisions based on data integrated from across the healthcare ecosystem, delivered on-demand in real-time.  Patient-specific insights are derived from a diverse set of clinical data, sociodemographic data, quality outcomes data, and risk data, clinical encounter and benefit coverage details and more – all normalized to build a holistic patient profile. Payers, providers, consumers, life sciences, pharmacies and authorized third-parties benefit from this comprehensive  view of the patient journey, unrestricted by the limitations of data silos and time-lagged, incomplete patient data and information.

Limitless, extensible healthcare applications tailor-made for your highly specific use cases

Applications of the Inovalon DataStream API Marketplace™ are extensive and can be incorporated into Inovalon solution offerings, customer platforms, and third-party software platforms, allowing for detailed patient-specific data to empower highly specific patient encounters and experiences.

Easy Integration into Your Current Workflow

The flexible, modular design of Inovalon’s API marketplace enables easy integration into your existing workflow. With a flexible architecture that operates independent of existing enterprise infrastructure, even older enterprise software systems can take advantage of Inovalon’s advanced data and analytical capabilities without having to make costly “rip out and replace” decisions. With Inovalon’s API Marketplace™, you can inject industry-leading data and analytical insights into solutions that would otherwise be considered antiquated or inadequate in an age driven by consumer-centric, data-informed digital experiences.

A Streamlined Journey to Interoperability – Consumer Health Gateway™ is available in the Inovalon DataStream API Marketplace™

The Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™ solution enables payer compliance with the CMS/ONC interoperability rule as part of the 21st Century Cures Act. Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™ offers an extensible infrastructure, provides real-time API responses that can be leveraged to deploy innovative approaches in consumer engagement supporting care gap closure, pushing critical program and adherence alerts and other critical messaging.

Learn more about Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™

Achieve more, faster with Inovalon DataStream API Marketplace™ – empowering improved quality outcomes, lower rates of error, faster and better treatment, lower operational costs, differentiated products and services with unmatched precision, and empowered consumer-focused solutions.
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