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Achieve Transparency & Actionable Insights to Improve Patient Outcomes & Value-Based Contract Performance

ValueCompass™ | Key Stakeholder Benefits

Payer Business Users

  • Make informed decisions by staying on top of quality, disease burden, and utilization metrics
  • Gain oversight across value-based contract performance, leading to effective provider engagement

Provider Users

  • Gain ongoing transparency and alignment on key value-based care metrics
  • Drive increased member engagement with quality gap analytics

Payer IT Users

  • Enable single-sign-on leading to centralized identity and access management
  • Multiple provider-to-patient attribution and provider hierarchy options

Payer Administrators

  • Reduce administrative burden by setting configurations using self-service tools
  • Have confidence in reporting by pre-validating configurations

The key to value-based care model success is effective value-based contract management combined with strong stakeholder alignment. Inovalon ValueCompass™ enables payers and providers to work hand-in-hand to achieve shared objectives and gain consistent insights that empower data-driven healthcare and focus on improving clinical quality and economics of healthcare.

Providing excellence through value-based contract management

ValueCompass™ is a web-based application that delivers actionable insights around patient care quality, provider performance, utilization, and disease burden documentation gaps. The solution informs each patient encounter to achieve greater quality outcomes, improved coding accuracy, reduced administrative burden and increased efficiencies for providers and payers.

Leveraging advanced technology for quality data integration and analytics

The foundation of a sustainable value-based contract management solution is based on its capability to integrate and analyze data from multiple platforms.

Built on the Inovalon ONE® Platform, ValueCompass features industry leading data integration capabilities and it is fully integrated with Inovalon’s data analytics engine, QSI-XL®, which provides 80% of the nation’s clinical quality analytics.

ValueCompass™ allows for highly flexible, tailored experiences for health plan and provider users, providing access via dynamic and user-friendly visualization dashboards to:

Raising the industry benchmark for value-based care

The ability to integrate and analyze data from multiple data repositories across a health system is the cornerstone of a sustainable value-based contract management solution. We empower health plans and their provider networks to deliver data-driven insights to inform clinical quality outcomes and economics across the healthcare ecosystem.

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