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Nurses Week 2023: Thank you nurses!

As Nurses Week 2023 comes to a close, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible work and dedication of nurses around the world.

From working long hours to caring for critically ill patients, nurses demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their profession and to the patients they serve.

At Inovalon, we understand the challenges nurses face each and every shift, from the physical demands of the job to the emotional toll it takes. While these struggles are hard to overcome, a healthy work/life balance can help give these critical healthcare heroes the relief they need from the stress they endure.

Technology can help.

Providers – it’s time to master your staffing process so that you can avoid erratic schedules and overtime. Plan carefully so all your nurses can take vacations. Do your best to accommodate them when they request days off.

nurse scheduling application can be a game changer because it grants you and your team more visibility and enables quicker and easier shift management.

Get started today.

Inovalon Schedule Management is a cloud-based application that streamlines nurse staffing and supports a stronger workplace culture.

  1. Manage and update your schedule from your phone to ensure shifts are always covered and nurses receive much-deserved time off.
  2. Empower nurses to request time off, volunteer for open shifts, and swap shifts with one another.
  3. Use the Shout Outs feature to recognize employees in real time.

To learn more about a new tool within the Schedule Management family focused on agency nurse scheduling, click here.

To see all of it in action, request a demo now.

By Inovalon