Healthcare Data Lake

Combine your structured and unstructured data with applicable longitudinally linkable data to improve healthcare outcomes and economics.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Get more out of your data. Confidently merge and enrich your complex, disparate data with applicable data from the industry’s largest primary source dataset to support customized analytics, business intelligence, and data exploration initiatives.


Inovalon’s Healthcare Data Lake is a customized data repository enabling users to store, access, and analyze large amounts of data in one centralized place. The solution breaks down data silos, empowering users with actionable insights to inform decisions that contribute to member outcomes and health plan economic performance.

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Integrate Complex, Disparate Data Sources

Ingest, validate, and normalize both structured and unstructured disparate data types with over 1,100 integrity analyses checks within a secure cloud-based infrastructure.

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Access Unique, Enriched Datasets

Enrich your data with applicable insights from the industry’s largest healthcare dataset, as well as patient-level social determinants of health factors and predictive cost and utilization indicators.

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Share Actionable Insights

Select from a range of customizable outputs based on your needs, including user-friendly dashboards, exportable data extracts, application programming interfaces (APIs), and query tools.


The Data Lake merges and normalizes complex data from various sources, supplementing it with relevant data from the industry’s largest primary source real-world dataset. The result – a single-source-of-truth data “superset” to answer your most complex questions.

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Seamless, Accelerated Data Integration

We are experts with over two decades of experience merging and validating complex clinical and claims data in compliance with quality and risk program requirements.

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Comprehensive Patient Insights

Access complete, current patient profiles to understand the patient journey and enable care management teams to know when and how best to engage high-risk patients.

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Data Enrichment

Supplement your data with applicable medical, pharmacy, and laboratory insights for more than 359 million patients from the industry’s largest healthcare dataset.

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Tailored Data Intelligence and Reporting

Conduct self-service queries and data exploration, create custom reports, set periodic alerts for reporting, or schedule extracts for stakeholders across your organization.

How it Works

Equip your organization with a single, comprehensive data source that supports advanced reporting and analytics initiatives across business units.

Your data. Enriched and all in one place.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform, the Healthcare Data Lake offers a private cloud infrastructure and scalable execution model, enabling customers to conduct self-service analytics that drive value across business units.

Customers can benefit from best practice data architecture, data comprehensiveness, and data hygiene while eliminating the costs of traditional enterprise warehouse solutions and internal processes challenged by incomplete, untimely, or erroneous data.

Data Acquisition: Data sources are identified and an intake mechanism is constructed.

Data Transformation: Business rules are developed dictating usage, client access, storage management, and delivery cycles.

Data Delivery: Customer user access is provisioned with delivery options via API constructs, visualization tools, or user interfaces.

Real-World Applications

With myriad use cases to support all parts of the organization, our industry experts work side-by-side with customers to ensure enterprise needs are prioritized and aligned with the best initiatives.

Inform Care Management Programs

Access robust patient profiles derived from claims, clinical, and other data sources to identify and manage high-risk patients through care management and community programs.

Optimize Your Provider Network

Monitor current provider performance against national benchmarks and create effective, efficient networks to drive improved outcomes and achieve value-based care goals.

Improve Quality and Risk Program Outcomes

Track population and patient-level opportunities to drive quality measure improvement and ensure chronic conditions are accurately assessed and coded annually.


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