Converged Population Health

Inform patient-centered care and reduce costs with population health analytics software that delivers a holistic view of your member populations.

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Drive your health plan strategy with population health analytics software informed by the industry's largest primary source dataset.


With the ability to stratify sub-populations according to their risk profile and level of resource utilization, health plans can gain data-driven insights to inform quality improvement initiatives.

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Data Breadth and Depth

Access longitudinally linked, normalized and validated healthcare data pertaining to more than 72 billion medical events and more than 361 million patients.

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Population Segmentation and Risk Stratification

Achieve a more holistic view of member care informed by clinical and non-clinical data elements [e.g., demographics; social determinants of health (SDOH)].

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Predictive Analytics

Identify, predict, and prioritize at-risk populations to inform the optimal member-specific intervention strategy that addresses clinical and non-clinical needs of each member.


Obtain population mix insights by segmenting according to chronic conditions, risk level, mental health, and surgical- and obstetric-related aspects. Measure disease prevalence and risk profiles within this population health analytics solution to forecast healthcare utilization and cost risk.

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Get a Holistic View of Members and Their Care

Evaluate prevalence of member disease by social determinants of health factors to identify population segments requiring attention.

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Enhance Financial Performance with Analytics

Segment member populations to obtain insights and compare against national and regional benchmarks. Measure disease prevalence and risk profiles to forecast expected healthcare utilization and cost.

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Allocate Resources For Maximum Impact

Analyze the number of members by condition residing in rural versus urban areas and the volume of managed populations with specific diagnoses in certain counties.

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Inform Quality Improvement Initiatives

Perform rapid segmentation of your member population to target patients for intervention. Gain easy access to member and provider contact info, utilization profile, and other details.

Payer Cloud Products

Improve member care and outcomes while achieving greater performance and efficiency with sophisticated analytics and dynamic business intelligence.

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Converged Quality (formerly QSI-XL®)

Discover how our leading HEDIS® software and deep industry expertise enable health plans to achieve high-quality performance in today's data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

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Converged Risk

Ensure compliance with advanced analytics and flexible member engagement solutions enabling efficient and accurate documentation of member conditions.

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Converged Outreach

Boost patient outcomes and economics with member-centric outreach planning software and seamless integration with third-party engagement solutions.

Converged Provider Enablement

Translate organizational goals to the provider point of care with shared insights into patient care quality, documentation, program performance, utilization metrics, and custom initiatives.

Electronic Record On Demand

Exchange data with more than 750,000 providers connected to the Inovalon ONE® Platform today to access relevant digital patient medical records 10 times faster than manual retrieval.

Consumer Health Gateway

Give members quick, reliable access to their health data, enabled by a secure, compliant solution.


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