Infection Surveillance Software

Infection surveillance software that helps skilled nursing facilities identify outbreaks, reduce antibiotic resistance, and improve resident outcomes.

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Advanced infection surveillance and antibiotic reporting, managed within one easy-to-use facility dashboard.


Improve infection surveillance, gain a broader and more detailed overview of antibiotic use, and meet CMS requirements – all with greater ease and efficiency made possible by advanced, easy-to-use software.

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Streamline infection surveillance

Quickly identify infection-related sentinel events, evaluate when McGeer criteria are met, and detect outbreaks.

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Enhance antibiotic stewardship

Track antimicrobial resistance patterns, identify nosocomial infections, and flag adverse drug events.

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Achieve regulatory compliance

Ease the state-mandated reporting process for infections with infection surveillance software that simplifies your workflow.


Get the most out of your infection records by creating and storing them in an infection surveillance system that takes each record’s data and turns it into actionable prevention and control insights.

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Real-time outbreak data

View all infection alerts, tasks, reports, and analytics in real-time in an easy-to-navigate facility dashboard.

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Advanced tracking capabilities

Track the presence of HAIs, CAIs, and “present on admission” infections to better identify appropriate, timely prevention and interventions.

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Automated and customizable notifications

Get up-to-the-minute alerts when a new infection record is entered or resolved, an infection threshold is reached, or there is a potential outbreak.

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Interactive infection map

See where and when infections occur in your facility to detect potential clusters and initiate appropriate precautions.

How it Works

Place better focus on infection prevention, intervention, and performance improvement, driven by real-time outbreak and control data.

Enhance your facility’s infection surveillance and antibiotic stewardship.

ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH® helps skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) quickly identify problem areas, outline efforts to reduce antibiotic resistance, and deliver better resident outcomes.

Featuring an interactive infection map that can visualize where and when infections occur, custom notifications to identify in real-time when infection thresholds are met, and antimicrobial tracking, this all-in-one infection surveillance software empowers facility staff to streamline and simplify infection prevention. The application replaces printed maps with intuitive tracking and reporting capabilities and facility-wide surveillance to drive timely interventions and prevent future infections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this help us be able to identify where an infection originated in our facility?

Yes! ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH makes it easier and more accurate to identify and track infections. With this application, you no longer have to mark places on a printed map – you can instead use an interactive, customizable infection map to see where and when infections occur, identify clusters, and start taking appropriate precautions.

How can this help us prevent infections?

This infection surveillance software standardizes the documentation and reporting of infections. It helps ensure all staff are aware of infections and that all infections are tracked in the same manner. Additionally, it provides detailed reporting on infection rate by census, line listing, and community-acquired – as opposed to healthcare-acquired – infections, empowering staff to act on the infection data to stop and prevent outbreaks.

Would this be able to help us demonstrate compliance with Antibiotic Stewardship and Requirements of Participation?

Yes! ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH has three reports that work together to give you a comprehensive view of antibiotic stewardship. Combined, these reports show: antibiotics that were note effective; antibiotics that caused adverse reactions by count and type of reaction; your facility’s overall antibiotic usage by prescriber, reaction, effectiveness, and more.

Can this help us meet NHSN reporting requirements and McGeer criteria?

Yes! ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH takes the guesswork out of determining if McGeer criteria is met when logging new infections in the facility. It standardizes the collection of clinical information to assess and log precautions, treatments, and outcomes – all within the application, eliminating the need for manual work that can cause mistakes. Having this data readily available in a downloadable report makes it easy to do NHSN reporting.


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