Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting Software

Send accurate, thorough staffing and payroll data to CMS.

Payroll Based Journal Submission, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Gather payroll data from multiple sources into a single system to streamline preparation and validation of PBJ files.


Payroll Based Journal Submission eases the burden of preparing and validating your PBJ files and helps ensure compliance with CMS rules. User alerts help you identify and correct errors quickly so you can submit with confidence.

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Embedded rules

Robust, embedded business rules ensure CMS PBJ data submission specifications are met.

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Built-in scrubber

Detects and alerts users to any format or consistency errors.

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Online help

Clear, illustrated instructions for every step of the PBJ submission and reporting process, including requesting historical reports.


Eliminate the labor-intensive creation and manual error-checking of Payroll Based Journal reports. Instead, reference the user-friendly reports to identify trends and patterns to help you improve your operation.

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Use a single staging platform

Streamline preparation and validation of your PBJ files from multiple systems prior to transmission to CMS.

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Accurately check data

Potential errors or inconsistencies in your PBJ files are flagged to ensure accurate submissions; you’ll also receive Final File Validation Reports through PBJ Transmission Watch.

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Quickly correct errors

Efficiently manage corrections and make the necessary payroll changes long before the quarterly deadline.

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Transmit with confidence

Your PBJ data will be accurate, accessible, and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this help the PBJ reporting process?

ABILITY CAREWATCH PBJ supports your team in creating, verifying, and transmitting PBJ files. It provides one place where you can prepare PBJ files, double-check the data and then report on your files to improve facility operations.

Will this help catch mistakes in PBJ files?

Yes! ABILITY CAREWATCH PBJ was built to help ensure accuracy and efficiency in PBJ reporting. The application will flag potential errors or inconsistencies prior to submission to CMS. It will also help identify days with missing RN hours.


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