MDS Assessment Software

Simplify quality management, optimize revenue, and reduce citations.

MDS Intelligence, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

More than just an MDS scrubbing tool, this application digs deeper to inform care decisions, improve resident outcomes, and even enhance star ratings.


Thousands of skilled nursing facilities nationwide rely on this application to help them improve resident assessment data accuracy and enhance care plans via analysis of the MDS.

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PDPM calculator

Maximize your revenue potential with a built-in calculator that helps ensure proper reimbursement, identify the reimbursement and care level of each patient, decide whether to submit an IPA and more.

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Logic flags

Ensure MDS integrity and accuracy through a series of logic checks that call out inconsistencies in your assessments before submission, so you can make corrections or compile justification documents.

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Survey watch

Prepare for surveys using the Care Compare survey data from Nursing Home Compare (NHC), which CMS updates every month.


Prepare for surveys, obtain correct reimbursement, lower costs, and enhance resident quality of life.

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Simplify submissions

Transmit assessments directly to CMS, and receive feedback, validation, and CASPER reports on one dashboard.

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Drive quality improvement

Monitor your star rating and quality measures, and compare your results with state and national benchmarks. Use readmissions data to identify at-risk residents.

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Improve reimbursements

Find untapped, justifiable revenue, estimate Interim Payment Assessment daily rates, and manage Medicare Value-Based Purchasing Program revenue.

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Reduce survey citations

Spot risks for survey tags, identify mismatches in logic, and transmit MDS assessments directly to CMS.

How it Works

Leverage your clinical data to boost reimbursements

Do more with your data, with MDS assessment software

This powerful application starts by helping providers ensure MDS assessment accuracy. Then, it uses the data to help you understand where improvements can have the biggest impact on your operations and revenue.

MDS data is pulled into your 802 and 672 reports for the selected date range with access to the history of any changes made.

Enterprise-wide reporting lets you review the most common flags triggered, compare quality measures against other providers and review MDS transmission timeliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ABILITY CAREWATCH help us manage our MDS assessments?

Yes! ABILITY CAREWATCH helps ease your MDS workload by keeping track of when each MDS is due and allows you to securely transmit your MDS to CMS within the application. The application can also flag when critical data elements are missing from the MDS.

Can ABILITY CAREWATCH help us keep track of state survey results?

Yes. The application has a built-in survey report that identifies any issues from a state survey so you can start creating an improvement plan right away.

Will ABILITY CAREWATCH help us identify potential quality measure performance issues?

Yes! ABILITY CAREWATCH has a full Quality Measure Analysis section that provides access to CASPER reports; state, regional, and national benchmarks; and additional quality initiative monitoring. The application also includes predictive analytics for five-star performance.

Does ABILITY CAREWATCH do anything to support our care plans?

Yes. The application analyzes and provides data to create unique, effective care plans – helping improve readmissions, pain, weight, and other quality measures. It tracks data across your facility and across multiple locations to indicate your best areas of improvement in care.


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