Healthcare Risk Management & Reporting Software

Enhance risk management and prevention with cloud-based incident tracking and documentation software for skilled nursing facilities.

Risk Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Access guided, cloud-based incident reporting, enabling your skilled nursing facility to improve your incident management process and mitigate future risk.


Strengthen incident management and prevention with Risk Management. Our software draws attention to each occurrence so you can assure a thorough investigation, proper response, and review – and use those learnings to reduce future risk, decrease liability, and improve resident care.

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Save time, improve accuracy with electronic reporting

Save staff time and improve documentation accuracy leveraging an electronic approach for incident reporting.

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Access robust incident documentation at your fingertips

Document and easily access data on incidents such as accidents, pressure ulcers, medication errors, falls and any others you choose.

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Inform performance improvements with data

Online prompts ensure incident documentation is completed fully and efficiently, while trends analysis helps inform future improvements.


Achieve stronger performance and fewer costs and headaches. With Risk Management, you can better mitigate risk, ensure compliance, demonstrate quality, and handle audits or litigation with accurate, comprehensive documentation.

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Reduce liability and identify potential risk

Follow online prompts for accurate, complete reporting. Identify root causes. Prioritize interventions. Track patterns and trends.

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Decrease insurance premiums

Comprehensive, streamlined investigations improve the entire incident management lifecycle, helping you achieve a better insurance premium.

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Increase productivity and share insights

Easily filter and track incidents by type and send reports automatically to the team members you specify.

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Strengthen risk management

Control reports during discovery and respond quickly to survey issues and concerns (designed for F-323).

How it Works

Risk Management cues staff to track, record, investigate, respond, and analyze incidents while documenting all steps from beginning to end. This thoughtful investigative process can help show the diligence of care provided when an adverse event occurs.

Let our healthcare risk management software do the heavy lifting for you.

Risk Management key features:

    • The software monitors individual resident occurrences, providing care teams with better notification of potential issues or adverse outcomes
    • Electronic incident reporting saves staff time and improves accuracy
    • Online prompts guide staff through detailed incident reporting
    • Comprehensive documentation puts all the data at your fingertips
    • Trends analyses aid in your performance improvement efforts
    • Our cloud-based software is easy to implement, with minimal IT involvement needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can RISKWATCH help improve incident reporting accuracy?

Yes, RISKWATCH guides staff through detailed incident reporting – making it easier and faster to create reports while ensuring each incident has the proper documentation for investigation and response.

What kind of reporting does this application provide?

RISKWATCH allows you to filter incident logs by injury, occurrence, infection and recommendation. It provides reporting on resident outcomes, occurrences by ID, a weekly pressure ulcer report, weekly wound report, a resident QA summary report, and even a surveyor report.


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