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Accept all forms of payment at any point in the revenue cycle with user friendly, cloud-based patient payment software.

Patient Payment Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Deliver 24/7 patient payment access, flexible and secure payment options, and technology features that help you work more efficiently – all resulting in more captured revenue.


Patient Payment Management (formerly ABILITY SECUREPAY) is a comprehensive patient payment software that enables you to capture more revenue and improve patient satisfaction. By accepting all forms of payment and offering flexible payment options, you can help patients quickly understand what they owe and better facilitate payments.

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Easy patient payments and processing

Accept all forms of payment at the point of service, online, via payment plans, card-on-file, over the phone, and by mail. Improve cash flow and staff efficiency, and reduce outstanding A/R.

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On-demand patient payment portal

Give patients 24/7 access to a payment portal with the freedom to pay how they want, when they want – with no login required. Enable patients to automate scheduled and recurring payments.

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All payment data in one place

Take advantage of preconfigured reports or create and export unlimited custom reports. Interface with your patient accounting system to auto-post payments.


Make payment processes convenient for patients and staff. With Patient Payment Management, you can deliver flexible options like Apple Pay and text-to-pay while improving cash flow and efficiencies.

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Accept payments online, 24/7

Direct patients to an easy-to-use, white labeled payment portal with no login required. Offer online requests for payment plans and/or authorizations.

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Process point-of-service payments

Accept credit/debit/HSA cards, checks, Apple Pay, text-to-pay, and cash. Leverage chip, encrypted swipe, contactless card, and mobile processing.

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Gain business office efficiency

Manage transactions seamlessly. Upload batch payments to streamline processing. Reduce trips to the bank with check-scanning and remote deposit.

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Protection from data breaches

PCI-validated point-to-point encryption prevents data from being in your organization’s system, making it inaccessible in the event of a data breach.

How it Works

Simplify and streamline the patient payment process from the point of service to the administrative back-end.

Cloud-based patient payment software with the functionality you need.

Patient Payment Management enables authorization of bank accounts/cards on file with online bill pay. This mobile friendly feature supports 24/7 patient revenue collection and accepts credit/debit cards and checks. Patients receive a secure, white labeled link from your website and can set up a payment plan to ensure they never miss a payment – and you don’t miss out on captured revenue.

The software’s enhanced payment capture capabilities ensure payment security while easing administrative burden. Patient Payment Management features EMV chip and PIN functionality, PCI-validated P2PE, check-scanning with optical character recognition (OCR), and secure all-day user access. Your staff can easily view and settle with daily log reports, void same-day transactions, print and email custom receipts, and connect to our Patient Registration interface.

Through Patient Payment Management’s virtual terminal, staff can batch upload variable transactions, establish user-level permissions and access, search and archive transactions, create custom reports, and auto-post to patient accounting software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have options available for mobile and touchless pay?

Yes. Patient Payment Management has mobile responsive design, so your patients can pay from any device, 24/7. Staff and patients can also enjoy the safety of contactless onsite payments via tap-to-pay cards and mobile wallet, such as ApplePay.

What capabilities are there to maximize patient pay?

Patient Payment Management enables you to accept any form of payment in any setting, including payments made one time, via automated recurring payment plan, on auto-pay, or through authorization for an account-on-file. All of these are designed to offer options to your staff and patients, because boosting convenience and accessibility increases payment.

How long has this product been on the market?

Patient Payment Management was created in 2008 and scales to any size and type of organization; it is highly configurable to meet your unique needs.

Will the online bill pay look like my website?

Inovalon offers the option for fully white labeled online bill pay that matches exactly to your website, as well as a standard online bill pay offering that is clearly branded to your organization through incorporation of your logo, address, phone number, and links to your website.


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