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Avoid payment delays by making it easier for your patients to understand their bills and with our simple, cost-effective patient statements software.

Patient Statement Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Accelerate patient payments by streamlining the billing process. Our cloud-based patient statements software makes it simple for your staff and your patients.


Inovalon Patient Statement Management (formerly Patient Statements) software provides your patients easy-to-read breakdowns of outstanding balances, with statements white labeled to your organization. Our cloud-based software is cost-effective and easy to implement – so you can enhance your business image and bottom line.

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Fast, accurate patient statements

Have your patient statements delivered faster leveraging first-class pre-sort mailing, with the capability to submit multiple files per day.

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Efficient, cost-effective processing

Reduce your administrative overhead and ever-increasing mailing costs by replacing your in-house patient statements processing with Inovalon.

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Streamlined patient billing

Consolidate your billing process by delivering statements to patients across different healthcare sectors, including ambulatory or acute care.


Whether you currently use an outside vendor or create and send patient statements in-house, moving your process to the cloud with Inovalon can help you deliver fast, accurate statements to your patients.

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Streamline your current patient statements process

Deliver statements faster with first-class, pre-sort mailing. Submit multiple files per day – in varying formats and from a range of billing software.

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Consolidate and reduce outside vendor costs

Using another vendor for patient statements? Our cloud-based tool offers simple, affordable service supported by an excellent Customer Service team.

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Improve processing time and resource efficiency

Reduce your in-house patient statements processing overhead and mailing costs for printing, bulk mail infrastructure, and labor by moving to Inovalon.

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Professional, easy-to-ready design options

We offer a range of statement formats and papers to select from. Add your logo to ensure a professional, branded look that your patients will recognize.

How it Works

Provide your patients with clear, easy to understand billing statements with a cloud-based patient payment tool that’s cost-effective and easy to implement and use.

Let our patient statements software do the heavy lifting for you.

Patient Statement Management tool key features:

    • Simple enrollment and setup process
    • First-class pre-sort for faster delivery
    • Optional NCOA LINK® address verification and correction service available
    • Submit multiple files per day
    • Brand statements with your logo (requires .JPG file format)
    • eStatement capabilities available including email notification and online viewing
    • Choose from a variety of modern, colorful statement options
    • Choose from multiple statement formats
    • Bill patients across different healthcare sectors including ambulatory or acute care

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage my patient statements more efficiently?

Our cloud-based Patient Statements software helps you get statements out the door from anywhere, at any time. This is done via file upload for SFTP that immediately maps to your statement design and allows your staff to review, insert patient-specific messaging, suppress statements as needed, and enjoy automated inserts. Best yet, statements completed by 5:00 PM Central will go out the same day.

What features of statement design impact patients’ likelihood to pay timely?

To maximize clarity and reimbursement, Inovalon leverages straightforward language, custom color matching, consolidated line items, address verification, and automatic forwarding.

Are statements integrated with online bill pay?

Yes, patients can set up an account via the online bill pay to not only view all statements, but also opt into eStatements and Auto-Pay. They can even access their entire payment history, saving your staff time by preventing patient calls.

Do you offer text-to-pay?

Yes, we help you meet patients where they are to easily access their bill and pay from any device.

Can I mail things to patients in addition to statements?

Yes, Patient Statements has an automated insert function that allows you to communicate messaging to a group of patients meeting parameters you identify.


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