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Point-of-Care Solutions

Empowering the Clinical Encounter

With data-driven technologies that empower the point of care, Inovalon delivers actionable insights about the right member to inform the clinical encounter. Inovalon identifies member care gaps and provides the relevant data to the clinician in order to improve member health outcomes, while improving the health plan’s financial performance. Inovalon’s clinical documentation support tool, ePASS®, guides the in-office clinician encounter, in-home assessment, or retail health clinic assessment to ensure gaps in care are addressed, closed when possible and accurately documented.

How we're different


Speed to Impact & Proven Results: Inovalon is the industry leader in quality improvement and risk score accuracy, with proven results and a rapid implementation timeline. Inovalon’s POC solutions address up to 30 and close up to 13 Medicare Star measures per encounter, with an average risk-factor improvement of 0.509 across Medicare Advantage (MA), Managed Medicaid and Commercial ACA models.


Advanced, Data-Driven Analytics Inform Member-Specific Gap Identification & Closure: Inovalon’s sophisticated analytics pinpoint member-specific clinical and documentation gaps. Layering in Inovalon’s point-of-care solutions results in an average 6.9 care gaps addressed and 4.2 care gaps closed per SOAP note for MA and an average $3,961 yield across MA, managed Medicaid and Commercial ACA models.


Nationwide Infrastructure Empowering Member Choice: Inovalon’s nationwide network of more than 2,500 nationally recognized retail clinic partners and certified NPs help reinforce your brand and provide flexibility and choice to your members, resulting in 94.4% member satisfaction and increasing encounter completion rates by 13–24%.


Regulatory-Compliant Tools: Clinical documentation support guides a comprehensive member encounter and delivers compliant documentation across all lines of business and quality and risk models, with more than 143% higher risk score accuracy compared to competitive tools and a more than 92% provider satisfaction rate.


Rigorous Quality Assurance & Clinical Oversight Processes: Deep policy, regulatory compliance and clinical oversight experience and expertise ensure the highest level of compliance.


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