Intelligent revenue cycle analytics

Strengthen cash flow with payer, payment, and performance trends

Built by RCM experts for RCM experts

RCM Intelligence is a healthcare revenue cycle analytics application that integrates with all claims clearinghouses, giving financial leaders end-to-end revenue cycle visibility. Increase cash flow by 15%1 with powerful healthcare payer scorecards.

Predictive analytics dashboards

Performance management dashboards create at-a-glance views of how well your revenue cycle is operating, while scorecard dashboards deliver high-level data reports and the ability to get claim-specific information if needed. Together, the various views enable continuous workflow improvements at every step of the revenue cycle, empowering decision-makers to act faster with better healthcare business intelligence.

Benefits of RCM Intelligence


Improve first-pass yield

Reduce denials up to 40% by analyzing department, payer, and claim-specific data. Uncover primary denial causes and take steps to proactively avoid


Accelerate cash flow

Pair claims, remittance, and workflow data to inform decisions that boost the quality and performance of claims processing, achieving an average five-day reduction in GDRO.


Forecast revenue more accurately

Identify exactly where revenue leaks are occurring in real time and gain actionable insights to prevent them, improving predictability and consistency of cash flow.


Strengthen payer performance

Facilitate more productive payer negotiations with a comprehensive view into payer- or financial-class-specific denials, reimbursements, and turnaround times.


Enhance healthcare biller productivity

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of low performance areas and take swift corrective action. Visualize repetitive tasks that can be automated, saving staff time and increasing satisfaction.


“The dashboards are very interactive, making it easy to drill down to get to the information you need from a denials standpoint. Whether it’s denials, edits, or overall performance, the tools have helped spot trends and make decisions that keep us moving forward. They developed a great reporting system.”

- Curt Glaunert - Vice President of Revenue Cycle - ProHealth Care

Curt Glaunert - Vice President of Revenue Cycle - ProHealth Care

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Organizations we support

RCM Intelligence arms CFOs, COOs, and other healthcare leaders with comprehensive data to improve financial and operational performance.

Hospitals & health systems

Uncomplicate billing processes with detailed claims and remittance data to drive desired payment outcomes.

Skilled nursing facilities & home health

Manage complex claims and lower days in A/R with better visibility into revenue cycle delays and denials while finding ways to proactively improve denial management.

Provider organizations

Simplify RCM reporting and stay on top of potential revenue leakage with real-time performance data.

Billing services

Harness untapped RCM data to help providers get paid the right amount, faster.

Software vendors

Empower providers with KPIs that are directly tied to financial goals like improving payment turnaround times and accurately predicting cash flow.