Patient Registration Software

Easy-to-use patient registration software that saves time verifying patient information – including identity, address, insurance, and benefits.

Registration Quality Assurance, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Leverage advanced data capabilities to validate and augment patient registrations in real-time, simplifying patient access processes for staff and improving the patient experience.


Reduce downstream denials and reimbursement delays through accurate patient data collection at intake. Empower staff to validate patient identity, verify eligibility, and identify all available insurance coverage, all within a few steps powered by a single patient registration software application.

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Ensure accurate patient information

Discover and correct inaccurate patient information to prevent costly downstream claims denials at billing.

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Improve patient access workflows

Empower patient access staff with a time-saving automated verification process to better ensure the quality and validity of each patient record.

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Automate insurance discovery

Find more active coverage with an average insurance identification hit rate of 39.7% on uninsured accounts across all care settings.1


Reduce the number of different systems needed to manage patient access processes, paving the way for smoother payer reimbursement and patient billing.

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Validate patient demographics

Be sure you have correct, up-to-date information on every patient, every time including their name, Social Security Number, address, and more.

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Verify insurance eligibility

Use a single inquiry to verify eligibility across all payers, turning multiple searches across payer portals into one quick click of a button.

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Identify all active coverage

Find every possible reimbursement opportunity by searching for all active primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage.

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Prevent reimbursement delays

Mitigate downstream denials and delayed payment by collecting accurate patient data at the forefront of care.

How it Works

A fast, simple approach to patient registration that delivers greater accuracy without the confusion, errors, or manual work of traditional methods.

Ensure accurate patient information from the start with easy-to-use patient registration software.

Registration Quality Assurance helps providers reduce downstream denials and reimbursement delays through accurate patient data collection at intake.

The application automates front-end financial clearance steps into a streamlined workflow. Steps include:

    • Patient ID verification
    • Address validation
    • All-payer eligibility and coverage verification
    • Primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance search
    • Performs insurance discovery

The system then delivers actionable alerts in a simple dashboard that informs intake staff of any record quality issues that need to be addressed. This is done in real-time, eliminating guesswork and empowering staff to focus on patient record quality more effectively and at the forefront of patient care.

Real-World Applications

Transform your organization’s patient access workflows with registration software that makes it quick and easy to complete financial clearance tasks.


Hospitals with busy ERs performing many outpatient procedures appreciate the workflow that verifies and validates patient ID and demographics.

Provider groups

Everyday caregivers serving a diverse, hard-to-track patient population appreciate the time savings when verifying eligibility and coverage.

Ancillary healthcare service providers

DME, labs, transportation, and others receiving patient details from a referral appreciate being able to validate and augment patient information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have insurance eligibility in my EMR. Why would I consider this application?

Having an eligibility inquiry capability within your EMR is very convenient. However, customers often find their current capability has connections to less payers or providers, or less insurance and benefit information than what they need. Additionally, Registration Quality Assurance has the capability to find insurance for patients that identify as uninsured. Our software is also designed to streamline your process by giving visibility to all the important information about a patient such as insurance eligibility, address, and demographic information in one place, rather than going to several places within your EMR.

My insurance eligibility system is used by multiple departments. Would this be disruptive to those teams?

Although Registration Quality Assurance can be used by any department, many of our users are in the patient access area. Other areas such as billing may choose to use one of our stand-alone insurance eligibility or insurance discovery applications. There is also the option to use the eligibility verification during claim upload that is available in our clearinghouse.

We need to update our practice management system with the results of Registration Quality Assurance. Can I export the information out of the software?

Yes, you can filter patients for what you are trying to export such as Cleared Status. Select “All” and then “Actions, Export Patient(s)” to update patient record demographics. For eligibility responses, a PDF export is available to attach to each patient record.

Am I able to filter patient records to identify patients that have inactive insurance?

Yes. It is very easy to filter patients within Registration Quality Assurance dashboard. Simply select “Filter, Alert Type” and then check “Payer 1: Inactive Coverage Returned (and Payer 2 and Payer 3).” There are many variables available to filter patients.

How do I avoid creating duplicate patient records in the software?

The software does the work for you. Registration Quality Assurance automatically checks to ensure that a matching record does not exist before accepting a new patient record.

Why is accurate patient registration important?

Improving the process for collecting patient demographic, eligibility, and coverage to ensure accuracy at the forefront of patient care aids in mitigating rejections and denials at billing.

Is there a patient registration process flow chart available to help us improve our process?

Yes! In our whitepaper, Registration Done Right – Creating an Ideal Patient Access Workflow for your Organization, we model two ideal patient access workflows for ambulatory and acute care facilities.


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