Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™

Give members quick, reliable access to their health data, enabled by a secure, compliant solution.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™ makes it easy, fast, and cost-effective to be compliant with CMS’s Interoperability Final Rule via a consolidated view made possible by secure data connectivity.


Ensure compliance with member data-sharing requirements easily and effectively. Through a FHIR®-based exchange of patients’ claims and clinical data, payers can deliver the information members need in a way that is secure and seamlessly integrates with authorized third-party applications.

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On-Demand Data Access

Real-time API responses leverage applicable comprehensive, primary source data to deliver patient- and provider-specific information.

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Compliant Connections

Our secure infrastructure is easy to integrate, runs over 1,100 data integrity checks, and meets CMS data-sharing API mandates (FHIR® 4.0, Oauth2, OpenID Connect, CPCDS, USCDI).

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Industry-Standard Development

This solution is HITRUST certified, built with regulations and requirements in mind.


Achieve consumer access, connectivity, and compliance with ease.

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Apply Expert Data Integration, Mapping, and Standardization

Consolidate large amounts of applicable patient health history into one system with consistent data ingestion and analysis processes.

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Deliver a Patient-First User Experience

Display relevant patient data in an easy-to-understand format, empowering individuals to engage with their clinical and claims history.

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Exceed Member Expectations

Go beyond base-level API requirements. Leverage technology that can deliver rapid, accurate responses for each member within seconds.

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Implement Quickly

Enjoy a streamlined implementation process that avoids workflow disruption while delivering industry-leading capabilities.

How it Works

Enabling payer compliance and accelerating consumer access to relevant health information through FHIR®-based, real-time data exchange.

Secure interoperability, powered by extensive connectivity.

The business of healthcare is evolving as access to secure patient- and provider-specific information is no longer an option – it is a requirement. With more than 20 years of managing clinical and claims data and proven success developing innovative, data-driven technologies, Inovalon is proud to help payers meet the requirements of all three CMS data-sharing API mandates in a compliant, standardized format.

Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway is a single, comprehensive solution that meets all patient access API, provider directory API, and payer-to-payer data exchange requirements, delivering fast responses to claims, clinical, and provider history inquiries.


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