Medicare ADR Submission Software

Easily submit and track ADR responses, RAC audit information, and appeals to maximize efficiency through automation.

esMD Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Receive reimbursement faster and resolve appeals more quickly by eliminating manual tracking and responses to ADRs, audits, and appeals.


Simplify your process of secure submission, tracking, and reporting for Medicare claim review programs. This specialized Medicare ADR submission software features connectivity to multiple Medicare esMD programs including ADR, RAC Audits, first- and second-level appeals, PERM, CERT, and more.

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Increase speed and efficiency

Expedite your Medicare claim review process by assembling and uploading documents in a convenient, web-based interface.

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Track audits and appeals online

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets. Track all audits and appeals in one place with a simple, color-coded dashboard.

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Reduce overhead

Save time and eliminate paper, printing and mailing costs with secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic delivery of all documentation.


Strengthen staff productivity with a color-coded audit status dashboard and work list to assign tasks to other users for the creation, completion, and submission of ADRs or appeals documentation.

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Speed things along

Resolve appeals electronically and get paid faster.

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Connect with many programs

Enjoy real-time connectivity to multiple Medicare esMD programs.

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Avoid delays

Get started with fast and easy implementation.

How it Works

Turn the previously time-consuming process of submitting and tracking ADRs, audits and appeals into an efficient and automated experience.

Discover why providers choose Inovalon's Medicare ADR submission software to help maximize time and resources.

As CMS toughens its claims scrutiny, your organization may be subject to an increase in post-payment reviews. In addition, shifting payment models are increasing the number of denials and the need for appeals.

With esMD Management, you can simplify your process for secure submission, tracking, and reporting for Medicare claim review programs. Inovalon’s easy-to-use application guides you each step of the way, from entering needed information and uploading files to sending and tracking documentation.


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