Medicare Claims Management Software

Efficiently and cost-effectively transmit and process your Medicare claims.

Medicare File Submission, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Customize our Medicare claims management software to meet the unique needs of your organization.


Medicare File Submission is a secure claims submission and remittance advice solution, giving you fast, automated processing and payment of Medicare claims.

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Automated submissions

Claims and remits (837/835) are automatically submitted to Medicare through server enterprise solution.

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Direct connectivity

If your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) implements new EDI technology or if you inherit a new MAC because of a contract award, Inovalon handles all connectivity to the MAC on your behalf.

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Easy, efficient interface

The user-friendly, intuitive interface is accessed through your web browser and can be used with any claims creation tool.


Gain efficiency and maximize your revenue with Medicare claims management software that fits your facility.

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Increase efficiency

Benefit from easier, faster submission and receipt of claims and remits.

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Eliminate manual work

No more manual batch uploading, claims submission and downloading remits.

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Fix problem claims

Resolve issues long before the rejected claim gets back to your office.


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