CMS OASIS Validation & Analytics Software

Improve organizational performance and validate OASIS data more efficiently with cloud-based quality reporting and analytics software for home health.

OASIS Intelligence, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Empowering home health agencies to identify actionable opportunities to improve outcomes and star ratings, reduce readmissions, boost referrals, and increase revenue.


OASIS Intelligence is the go-to resource for your home health agency’s performance improvement needs. From organizational performance analysis to accurate and rapid validation of OASIS data, our cloud-based application has you covered.

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Manage and improve star ratings

Access the most current data available to identify performance trends and gaps, drive faster process improvements, and increase star ratings.

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Rapidly validate OASIS forms with less errors

Ensure quality and proper reimbursement with automated alerts that help you stay on top of errors and inaccuracies on the OASIS form.

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Inform strategy with actionable reporting

View everything from monthly trends and condition-specific analyses to patient-level results with our comprehensive and flexible reporting.


OASIS Intelligence accelerates the accurate completion of OASIS forms and makes it easy for home health agencies to assess, compare, track, improve, and demonstrate performance and quality outcomes.

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Improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions

We leverage predictive risk data to help you identify and address the needs of your most at-risk patients and avoid readmission when possible.

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Achieve data-driven performance improvement

Identify and act on opportunities to improve your star ratings based on real-time performance insights and strategic benchmarks.

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Validate OASIS forms quickly and confidently

Receive automatic alerts on OASIS form errors/inaccuracies. Ensure adherence to regulations and best practices with our robust rules-based engine.

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Capture accurate reimbursement, more efficiently

Our software makes it easy to reduce OASIS form rejections, leading to improved PPS reimbursement accuracy and fewer payment denials and delays.

How it Works

Gain secure, cloud-based access to the most accurate daily, comparative, patient-level, and executive dashboard reporting available.

Let our CMS OASIS validation and analytics software do the heavy lifting for you.

OASIS Intelligence key features:

    • Web-based, real-time reporting for quality data, clinical management, and strategic benchmarks
    • Patient- and clinician-level reports to ensure accurate data, plus representative outcomes and reimbursement
    • Aggregated benchmark reports to assess, compare, track, and demonstrate performance and quality outcomes
    • Simple, intuitive user interface for flexible reporting, including sorting and filtering for the most meaningful information
    • Automated and secure transmission of data and access to reports
    • Robust rules engine that analyzes OASIS assessments for CMS requirements, clinical processes, and documentation of best practices
    • Guidance for correcting errors and inconsistencies, thus reducing the quality assurance process for OASIS forms to just seconds per patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Will OPTIMIZE Analytics help identify errors in my OASIS?

Yes, automated alerts notify you of errors and inaccuracies on the OASIS form to help ensure quality and proper reimbursement.

Will this application help identify potential Quality Measure (QM) performance issues?

Yes, our enhanced reports provide access to the most current data available, enabling our customers to identify trends and drive faster process improvements.

How can this software help me with reimbursement?

Besides assisting with OASIS accuracy to decrease survey inaccuracies, the PPS Outcomes reports for agency, brand, and patient levels help analyze the sources that make up the various components of PDGM.


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