Medicare Billing Software

Enter, import, and manage all-payer claims, or convert your electronic remittance and acknowledgment files to a readable format.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Simplify all-payer claims submission and management with an efficient, easy-to-use software that is ready to go the minute you install it.


This complete electronic claims submission and management application can be used in a standalone configuration or in conjunction with your existing claims management system.

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Maintain compliance

ICD-10 compliant, including an ICD-9 to ICD-10 claims entry mapping function.

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Improve accuracy

Automatic code validation for multiple key codes, such as diagnosis and procedure, as well as detailed claim import and edit validation error reporting.

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Increase visibility

Viewable 835s and custom export reports, and print capability for institutional and professional claims on plain paper or pre-printed forms.


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Minimize claims rejections

Comprehensive, real-time claims edit validation speeds up your revenue cycle by receiving error alerts prior to claim submission, including pop-up help text.

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Save valuable time

The patient reference file option builds a permanent database of patient demographics and insurance details that are automatically transferred to each claim.

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Increase workflow efficiency

Enter patient, claim, and procedure file information, and create a summary report of the claims you’ve submitted.

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Receive ongoing support

Quarterly releases ensure continuous improvement and keep your investment up to date.


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