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Deliver a simple, stress-free virtual care experience with secure, compliant telehealth software designed with the patient in mind.

Virtual Care, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Improve the patient experience with technology. Our telehealth software creates a centralized, HIPAA-compliant online space to deliver accessible, reliable, and secure care that patients can trust.


Inovalon’s Virtual Care software is user-friendly, reliable, and built by a team of healthcare experts with the full patient journey in mind. The solution easily integrates with eligibility, claims, and patient payment tools powered by the Inovalon ONE Platform, so you can bring key care delivery functions into one place.

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Comprehensive telehealth support

Perform all scheduling, appointment reminder, visit hosting, and follow-up tasks – and enjoy a seamless connection to check eligibility, manage claims, and capture payment.

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Compliant, secure, easy-to-use software

Our application was developed with simplicity, compliance, and care quality in mind. The patient experience is at the heart of every function, from pre-appointment access verification to billing.

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Patient details at your fingertips

Quick implementation, role-based logins, and direct access to relevant, timely patient details make it easy for staff to get started and stay focused on what they need to succeed.


Provide your patients with an accessible, secure option to receive care in the safety and comfort of their own home. Our Virtual Care solution helps you achieve greater efficiency and keep your patients happy.

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Preserve and create new revenue

Create a new revenue stream for your organization and keep all telehealth-related tasks organized for better claims management.

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Boost patient satisfaction

Improve the patient experience with technology. Our software delivers stress-free appointment setting with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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Improve staff efficiency

Bring every step of a digital visit including managing schedules, sending patient reminders, and hosting appointments into one secure place.

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Eliminate workflow silos

Virtual Care is interoperable with our eligibility, claims management, and patient pay applications so you can support interrelated care functions in one place.

How it Works

Our comprehensive Virtual Care software provides everything you need to deliver accessible telehealth services to your patients. Our solution makes it easy, from appointment setting through the virtual visit.

Cloud-based telehealth that’s secure, reliable, and patient-focused.

Virtual Care application key features:

    • Reliable cloud-based, high-definition video: Visit with patients using up to 720p HD video
    • Appointment setting: Managing schedules is quick and straightforward with a simple user experience to create and adjust appointments
    • Automated patient reminders: Automatic text and email reminders allow patients to confirm their appointment with one easy response.
    • Pre-appointment access verification: Troubleshoot ahead of time by confirming each patient can enter the meeting room before their appointment.
    • HIPAA compliance: Our application is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), so you can have confidence in the security of your patients’ data.
    • Mobile applications: Patients can access their virtual visit from any device.
    • Patient profile: Understand each patient’s eligibility with just a few clicks. See the status and date of their most recent eligibility check, confirm any secondary payer(s), and verify patient information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create appointments within the application?

Yes, our Virtual Care software enables you can create, edit, and cancel virtual appointments.

Does the application include patient messaging or notifications?

Yes, patients will receive notifications regarding their virtual visit, based on the type of communication they prefer.

Can I export encounter information for billing?

Yes, we offer reporting with export capabilities within the Virtual Care application.

Can I do group sessions?

Yes, group sessions are supported by the application.

Can I screenshare within a session?

Yes, you can screenshare within a session.

Is there a limit to the length of a virtual meeting?

No, you can meet with patients for as long as you need to.


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