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Virtual Health Visits: Enterprise Telehealth Platform

Convenient, Data-Driven Care Delivered Real Time at the Right Time

The implementation of telehealth service capabilities within the Inovalon ONE® Platform brings the power of advanced analytics and data-driven encounters to the telehealth marketplace. These remote patient encounters increase patient access, decrease costs to the healthcare ecosystem, limit risk of exposure to highly contagious infections, and help to alleviate the burden placed on healthcare facilities such as emergency departments impacted by urgent in-person cases.

Telehealth Platform Key Features & Benefits

  • Stratify member targets to incorporate telehealth
  • Accommodate seasonal/time-of-day scheduling preferences
  • Integrated member engagement approach improves documentation and increases access to care
  • Convenient options for member-driven appointment scheduling drive greater engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve risk score accuracy, operational efficiencies and financial performance

Inovalon’s Virtual Health Visits (VHV) program keeps patients healthy, expands patient choice and reduces barriers to care.

  • Avoid overwhelming healthcare facilities by keeping patients in their home
  • Minimize the risk and spread of the COVID-19 virus amongst the healthy and sick alike by delivering real-time, high quality care virtually
  • Reduce barriers to care and make services more accessible during a time of crisis

VHVs provide a flexible, convenient option for members who are reluctant or unable to engage in face-to-face interactions with a provider. Delivered through a secure, convenient, user-friendly platform, VHVs allows members to meet virtually with a certified nurse practitioner (NP) using live video stream to complete a comprehensive clinical health assessment.

Telehealth platforms offered elsewhere in the marketplace typically begin each encounter with little or no knowledge of the patient or of potential factors contributing to a patient’s ailment or health needs. Inovalon’s VHVs are informed by the primary source data and analytical insights of each respective patient. This insight increases the call time efficiency, effectiveness, and value impact of each engagement while also improving the patient experience.

The VHV program flows seamlessly into Inovalon’s point-of-care solutions, with members targeted through predictive analytics and assessments completed in ePASS® by Inovalon certified NPs.

Telehealth Platform: How It Works

Data Feedback
Health plan member Predictive analytics determine member has documentation gaps Member profile indicates optimal outreach method(s) Inovalon outreaches to member via identified method(s); VHV visit is selected by member Inovalon schedules visit per member’s availability and provides link1 to initiate VHV visit Member completes live VHV visit with provider
1Link provided to member via email with SMS reminder

Convenient Care Delivered – A Reliable Solution to Conduct Telehealth Visits

Inovalon’s Device on Demand enables safe and convenient delivery of care by bridging technology gaps some members experience. With member health, engagement, and satisfaction as priority, Device on Demand delivers a user-friendly, web-enabled device to members who don’t have access to a smart device or reliable web-connectivity. The program also includes dedicated technical support to ensure a seamless experience for your members.

Learn more about Inovalon’s Device on Demand for Virtual Health Visits


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